“Let’s have a sunrise breakfast?!”  So...she was supposed to leave Tuesday, August 11th to head back to Panama and I had made arrangements for that day to go and look at a couple rings with my mother.  Well ends up that her car breaks down, which I was accused of rigging! I wish i’d of thought of that...but no.  Anyways, so she’s still in town but I had to go do this ring shopping!  So I told her I’d be back that I had an appointment that I had already scheduled not planning on her being here that I had to keep.  So my mother and I go and pick out a ring and buy it.  It was either Wednesday or Thursday I called down to ask her mother if I could come down and crash at their place, and after her saying yes I then called her father to see if I could meet with him before I saw her that Friday.  Lacy had no idea I was coming.  She thought I was going to be working on my Masters Degree project, which I probably should have been, but I had something more important on my mind. So it was my last flex day at school and I rented a car and took off immediately after work.  We talked several times throughout the trip and I had to be very careful to not let her know I was in the car because she thought that I was hard at work!  So I get down there and have to wait a bit b/c her sister is singing at a rodeo in a competition and I needed to meet with her dad first!  To blow some time I went on a scouting trip to figure out how to get to the top of Cavanal.  I found it and figured out where this proposal was going to happen.  After that her dad was finally done with the competition and met me at McDonalds.  Now, thats not exactly the sort of place i’d always imagined asking a father for permission to marry his daughter, but, it’s a small town and pretty much all that was available!  So after I receive permission I sneak over to her house to get there before she does.  I know she won’t realize I'm there because it’s not my car but a rental!  So when she arrives I pop out from behind her parents Suburban and surprise her!  She is totally shocked and I love it!  I tell her that I have this idea for a Sunrise Breakfast on top of Cavanal.  She likes the sound of it so we hang out for a bit and then get some rest before the early morning date!  So 5AM rolls around and we both get up and get ready and drive off to the top of Cavanal.  We are up there and the sunrise was PERFECT that morning.  Absolutely Beautiful!  We took all sorts of fun pics of it too.  I had made us some hot tea and picked up some muffins and we ate breakfast on a blanket just enjoying a beautiful morning.  Then when the sun had rose almost fully I decided it was time.  She had been taking pictures so tell her “You can put the camera down now” and as she goes to do it she turns to see me down on my knee.  I pull out the ring and propose to her right there!  It was amazing really! I didn’t just get a yes...i got a “YES! YES! YES’A MASTA!!!!!”

YES! YES! “Yes’a Masta!!!”

I came home from Missouri on Thursday, August 13...Saying goodbye to Micah was hard, because I wasn’t too sure when we’d see each other again! Anyway, I was happy to be home, but I certainly missed my man. Little did I know, the next day I’d see him again! Friday night, my sister sang at the rodeo in town..I’d been texting Micah while he was “working on his master’s projects” and was frustrated cause I had a hard time getting ahold of him. After the rodeo I called to visit with him, and he told me he was “having a hard time focusing on his work, and he was gonna take a shower and get back to his work” before he went to bed. So here I am, waiting on him to call me back after his shower...45 minutes later still no call!!! I was still visiting with friends at the rodeo and waiting for my call, when my mom calls to let me know she was with some of my siblings at Taco Mayo and needed a ride..Why they needed a ride I couldn’t figure out, but I headed that way! I finally got a quick call from Micah and I was happy! :) Once I got to Taco Mayo, my dad pulled up so my family didn’t need a ride after all...Lauren and I headed on home! When I pulled in the driveway there was a red car with a Missouri tag...I saw Missouri and thought of Micah, but I knew it wasn’t his car so I wasn’t sure what was up! Then as I’m getting my stuff together and getting out of the car, I saw somebody jump behind the suburban parked in the driveway. I thought my bro’s were gonna jump out and try to scare me, but to my surprise, out pops MICAH! :) I couldn’t believe it! I remember asking, “What are you doing here?!?!?” I was sooo HAPPY!!! I dropped my purse and gave him a big hug! I couldn’t believe it!!!! After we get his stuff out of the car he tells me he has an idea for a breakfast date the next morning on Cavanal, the world’s highest hill! I was thinking okay maybe he’s gonna propose, but I didn’t wanna get my hopes up just in case he really had come to spend the last weekend before school started with me!!! He told me the sun was gonna rise at 5:57 so I had to be up early! Saturday morning, I set my alarm to go off at 5, but I was so tired I didn’t get up! A few minutes later I finally rolled out of bed, got dressed really fast and we hit the road! We got to Cavanal and Micah pulled out a blanket and we set out on a rock and enjoyed breakfast together...He bought a thermos of hot tea and some muffins for us! After we ate, we took pictures of the most amazing sunrise! It was soooo pretty! After the sun was completely up, I look over and Micah was down on one knee with a ring in his hand! I couldn’t believe it was really happening!!! I actually took another picture of the sunrise and Micah told me “You can put the camera away now!” I couldn’t stop smiling, and Micah asked me to marry him, of course I replied, “YES! YES! YES’A MASTA!!!!!!”

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