Throughout the past 4 and a half years I’ve managed to take about 4,258,932 pictures of my babies…but I’ve somehow managed to not capture as many “Us” moments! I’m embarrassed, but I’m doing my best to be intentional with US pics! I love my man and our story, and I’m striving to get better at documenting it! These sweet moments were captured during our family shoot in November, and I find myself peeking at them all the time! Sahsha of RubyLee Photography is beyond talented! Any KC metro friends needing a photographer–look no farther! I’ll be back behind my camera next year, but I definitely recommend Sahsha!

To MY Man…


I love you.

I love how hard you work. You constantly go above and beyond–not only for me, but for our church, our theatre kiddos, and most importantly, the little men God has trusted us to raise.

I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you.

Thank you for all you do. For giving and giving and giving, even when you don’t always hear those two little words that mean so much. You are always working hard to improve whatever it is you’re doing. From directing a show, to lights and cues and all in the in betweens, from sneaking in to tuck in little boys who have waited to see you all day long, to sharing at least a little bit of your day with me even though your body is so ready for sleep….There are so many things I’m thankful for that you do!

Thank you for taking care of us. You are an amazing provider, and these little men will realize one day, just how amazing their Daddy really is!

I’m counting my blessings tonight… and I’m so thankful for the blessing of you! I love sharing life together and I love US!

I love our crazy little story, our sweet little family, and the little memories we are making daily!

I love you Micah!



And, I love these pics of US! Thanks to the amazing RubyLee Photography for capturing us!


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Off to OK! 

It’s been four years! Thanksgiving 2011, Micah and I headed to Oklahoma to spend our second Thanksgiving married, with my side of the family. Reflecting back now, I vaguely remember what those road trips were like minus kids! Ha We had just announced the month before that we had a baby on the way! I was so excited to be back for a holiday with my side of the family. Fast forward to the next year, we had a sweet baby boy, and Asher’s first Thanksgiving was in Missouri! Fast forward to 2013, and we got discharged from the hospital on Thanksgiving Day, and went straight to my in laws to celebrate turkey day there. Although it was our turn to be in Oklahoma, we definitely knew that being so close to his due date that we would be celebrating here no matter what! That Thanksgiving was definitely one I can’t forget! Our sweet little turkey baby Judah, was finally in our arms and went straight to meet family! Talk about a long day! Fast forward another year, we celebrated in Missouri once again, 2 little guys in our arms, and one more on the way! And now, this year, my little guys all get to come to Oklahoma for their first Thanksgiving there with the Smith side! I have been looking forward to this for awhile! I love holidays, and I love getting to spend them in Oklahoma! Of course, wherever I am with my sweet little fam is home, but it’s hard to beat being with Momma and Daddy! 

I don’t wanna grow up!

Where the past 3 years have gone…I couldn’t tell ya! So so many memories and milestones since our first baby boy was born. Today was Asher’s last Saturday as a 2 year old! Hard for me to believe that this time next week I’ll be tucking in a 3 year old! 

Today, we went to a bargain store to hunt for birthday supplies. Asher happened to find a race car from “Cars” that he didn’t have yet. He carried it all over the store, in spite of the fact that he didn’t have any money. He came up to me later and asked me to blow money out of his ear (thank you Papa H for starting that haha) so I attempted to, but momma couldn’t get any money out of his ear! Then he decided he’d ask Dad to try! Micah blew out a quarter… And a little while later, another quarter and a penny. Asher was proud of his fifty one cents, but I warned him, he didn’t have enough. As we went to check out, he was still toting the car around, so I told him he could ask how much it was..for some reason it didn’t have a price on it like everything else! He hands it to the cashier, and she let him know it cost fifty two cents! I couldn’t believe it! It was so sweet seeing his face light up as he asked us for a penny! Of course we gave him one more and as we prayed tonight, we talked about how neat it was that God gave him just enough for the car he wanted! I love it when things happen like this! God really does care about the little things! 

Tonight as I got Asher ready for bed, out of the blue, he told me, “I don’t wanna grow up!” I let him know I didn’t want him to either and then I got the sweetest 2 year old kisses and hugs! After he layed down, he scooted over and told me, “Here’s a spot for you, Mommy!” So, I curled up next to my first baby boy, and we talked…and made “puppet shadows” and we laughed…and this momma made some sweet memories! I hope Asher James remembers some of these moments as he grows! Ash dash–momma loves you oh so much!!! 

Saturday night snuggles with my 2 year old! 

On the day you became a momma…


On the day you became a momma…

Of course we’ve known you would be a mom for many months now, but until today, there hasn’t been a cry to bring you running to the nursery, a dirty diaper that just had to be changed, a little person that had to have YOU! Today that changes! 
So long soaker baths, all the time in the world to craft and perfect stain free outfits! Of course there will be time for that here and there, but I can tell you one thing…as of today, your top priority next to your faith, and your husband, is the little man you are holding in your arms! 
You’re my baby sister and I can’t believe that you’re a mommy now too. I remember playing dolls and house together growing up, and now we are living out those little dreams we once had. 
The boys have been excited to welcome another baby cousin. This morning as I told them you were having your baby, Judah kept repeating,”Baby! Bebe!” It was the sweetest thing. 
I pray our boys grow up to become mighty men. Men of faith who lead their homes one day, and lead others along the way. Men who are strong. Bold. Brave. Men who are soft. Tender hearted. Compassionate. Men who won’t back down when it comes to doing what is right! 
And today, I pray for you sissy–on the day you became a mommy. I pray that God gives you and Cody wisdom. Guidance. Discernment. Faith. Peace. And joy—even when those tiny whimpers in the middle of the night come right after you’ve finally drifted off after hours of no sleep! I pray you will cherish these sweet tender newborn moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye. I pray that we have fun on this journey together and that our boys have many opportunities to make memories together while we do the same! 
Sweet baby sister….welcome to mommyhood! I LOVE YOU!!
-Lace Gace Google 

Gideon has arrived!


Our third little man is finally here! 

We are proud to welcome


Gideon arrived at 3:42 am, weighing 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long! 

Our hearts are full! We have waited for this little bundle and he’s finally on our arms. I’ll be sharing his sweet birth story soon, but for now enjoy these pics! 

We love you baby Gideon!!!!!!! 

He’s Alive!


 Easter is such a special day of celebration! As a Christian, celebrating the fact that my Jesus died, and rose again is so exciting! Of course, I’m thankful for this all year round, but corporately celebrating with brothers and sisters around the world is incredible.

I woke up this morning and saw the most beautiful sun rise…I couldn’t help but think about what resurrection morning must have been like, when the Son literally rose! So thankful that death was defeated, and we can have life everlasting! 

This Easter, I had fun matching two of the cutest guys ever, and I’m already looking forward to doing the same with all three of my boys next year! 

We had a great service at church, and then had lots of fun at Naunie and Papa’s with family and friends afterwards! I even found the golden egg in the big kids hunt! Yay for a free date night in our future!! Ha

Here are a few moments from our day! 

HAPPY Easter to you!!! HE IS ALIVE!

   Cuteness overload! 

    These brothers love each other!     My guys!   The boys were not exactly in a picture mood!    He couldn’t wait to share his colored marshmallows!  And by the first light on our drive across town, he was already out of it…marshmallows in hand!  Cute boy so happy to share with his “counins!”

   Easter paparazzi before the counins started their egg hunt! 

  Counin lovin! Judah and Si Fun fun fun!

Spring break 2015

We love it when we get to spend extra time with daddy! We left last weekend to head to OKLAHOMA for a baby shower for our newest blessing! Micah was busy with school stuff, so the boys and I tripped down one last time with only two car seats in tow! Our next trip should be even more exciting because our little man will be here by then! We made it back Monday evening, and I had some excited boys! They missed their dada!!! We’ve been soaking up daddy time and I’m sure Daddy doesn’t exactly feel like this is much of a break, but I have to brag on him… He is working so so hard and things are happening around our house! Cabinet doors have gone up, he even constructed a picture ledge/coat hanging rack that I’ve been wanting! Yall–I got a good one!!! No doubt about that!

We’ve been making memories this week, from our fire pit family time Tuesday, to a trip to the zoo Friday (where I had my first of many Braxton Hicks)! The walk back from Africa will do that to ya! Friday, Micah and I had a fun date night, and Saturday we spent the day fishing as a fam!! It’s been a great week yall! 

Love my sweet little Fam and thankful for these extra moments we get to spend ALL together! 



Love is in the air!

I love Valentine’s Day! The whole week leading up to it, I’ve thought about how exciting it will be to spend a little time by myself with my husband! Seems like such a rarity these days, with two little ones to chase ALL day and another on the way, I sometimes wonder if we will ever have real “us” time again! Ha I know we will, and right now I’m doing my best to embrace the beauty of this season. Of course there are a few things I don’t particularly “love” about it, but the good outweighs the bad by far!
I’m so thankful I get to love on our little guys from the first footsteps I hear running downstairs in the morning til the last bath before bed, the sippy cup refills, and the carrying them back up to their own beds! I know that one day I’ll wake up, and the house will be eerily quiet, the beds will all be made, the dishes will all be in their spots, there won’t be a pile of shoes by the door, there won’t be craft paint splatters on the floor, there won’t be toys in the bathtub, no high chairs in the way at the table, no toys scattered down the hall, no diapers to change, no tuck ins at night, and no one curling up at the foot of our bed in the middle of the night…. So for now, I’m embracing it all… Even though there are tears here and there, there is more laughter, more memories and more fun to be had! I love these boys I’ve been blessed with… And to the man who makes it all possible for me to do the job I love, THANK YOU! Without you, I wouldn’t get to enjoy all these crazy beautiful moments with our guys!
Love is definitely in the air…I love my boys, and I love my MAN! Happy early Valentine’s Day y’all!


Oklahoma Christmas

My heart is so happy! This Christmas was spent in Oklahoma with my side of the family…we made it in late Tuesday night and everyone was happy to see us! Inflatables greeted the boys and Nana and Papa were still up waiting to see us too! Momma made us some yummy patty melts and we played catch up before we all drifted off to sleep!
On Christmas Eve, we spent the day just hanging out with the family, and Micah and I did some last minute stocking shopping–childless–well almost ha he reminded me there was a bump between us! Lindsey and Cody made it in and we had fun getting to compare our cute baby bumps! Linds and I are due just a couple days apart in April!
We had a Christmas Eve service at church, and it was so special getting to be there with all my brothers and sisters, my parents, and my Nana and Papa Smith who live in New Mexico! We sang carols, and I loved getting to hear my daddy sing “Oh Beautiful Star of Bethlehem!” Different family representatives from the congregation came forward and read Scriptures about Jesus and his birth. Then we had communion and prayer. It was a sweet evening. The boys were pretty good through it all, and it was neat that Daddy got to sit with me and the boys! We normally have responsibilities and don’t get to all just sit in church together very often–I love the times we actually get to! Afterwards, we all headed to the house and Nana and Momma started working on Christmas lunch preparation! Maw and Paw showed up later, and I was so happy when I saw them come in the door! I haven’t spent time with both sets of grandparents together in a looking time! We had such a good time visiting and getting in hugs and lovin! Judah sat by Maw and enjoyed a candy cane! I enjoyed staying up visiting with my Momma and sisters too! I also had fun rearranging gifts under the tree…pretty sure I’ve arranged them for as far back as I can remember! Ha memories memories (that just happens to be one of my Momma’s favorite words! Right Mom?! 😉
Judah has been entertaining us the past few days doing the motions to “Away in a Manger.” He has switched from his favorite motion being “the stars in the sky” to rocking baby Jesus back and forth pretty fast! It’s adorable! We got Asher and Judah to perform for us a few times! They cooperated part of the time at least, and of course everyone thought it was adorable! The boys have really enjoyed playing with their Aunts and Uncles! Bubba and Brice have had fun swinging them around and kept them laughing!
Judah has started pulling an Asher, and by that, I mean wanting to eat every candy cane decorating the tree! I have some cute videos if him on his tippy toes, talking to the candy canes he could see while he tried to reach up and get them! He would talk talk talk and sometimes hold his arm up with his other hand like it would make him able to reach it–we loved watching him attempt to get the candy canes…and yes, he did get a few!
Christmas morning, we woke up early and started getting ready for the day! I couldn’t wait for the little guys to get up! Every time we’ve seen Santa, Asher has asked for “Mack” to carry his cars in and I could hardly wait to see his face when he opened it! I managed to get ready before the little guys were awake, and before we knew it they were ready to go! Right before we got ready to sit down as a family and read the Christmas story, Uncle Donnie and Aunt Mary got there! Everybody gathered in the living room, and Daddy had Bubba quote from Isaiah, prophesies about the One who was to come, then we read the Christmas story, and prayed as a family! Linds, Lauren and I started passing out gifts around the room and the little guys started tearing in! Judah was cute and loved to rip the paper off and then got distracted before he could finish pulling it all the way off a gift! Asher got distracted a few times himself! So much was going on and they just had to take it all in!
Asher was excited when he opened “Mack” and I’m so happy we were able to get it for him! Judah would have been happy with a wrapping paper tube or box ha, but he loved his real gifts too! I love giving, and I love Christmas! I get to speak my love language and have the funds to go with it ha!
My boys surprised me with a necklace–it was in the box Asher kept wanting me to “wrap!” I was not expecting it at all and it is perfect! It’s a double heart with a diamond inside that constantly “wiggles” and reminds me of a heartbeat! My man is so thoughtful! I love it! I also got a Coach wallet and some maternity dresses along with some other goodies and I can’t wait to get home and put my new wall art up!
Maw and Paw made it back to the house then more and more family started to arrive! I got to meet my cousin’s wife and daughter that I’d only seen on Facebook before, and saw aunts and uncles, plus cousins I hadn’t seen in far too long! We headed down to the Fellowship Hall at the church to enjoy lunch together! There was quite the spread… The deer, turkey and ram were delicious! I hadn’t ever had ram before, but I’d love to have it again! Maw Maw and Paw Paw Rowton, Nana and Papa Smith, Mom and Dad, us of course, plus Bubba, Lauren, Brice, Lindsey and Cody, Uncle Donnie and Aunt Mary, Uncle Russ and Aunt Cheryl, cousin Mitchell and Ruth and their kiddos, cousin Brad and Rachel and their little girl, and cousin Shanae were all together on Christmas! We visited, laughed, ate, sang and played all kinds of instruments and had fun making memories together! The boys had fun playing with cousins that weren’t too much older than them and I loved catching up with my cousins I hadn’t seen in way too long! Seems like Christmas Day flew by crazy fast, but I’m so thankful for the chance I got to make more memories with my family! We got a group pic before everyone went their separate ways!
We attempted to play Uno later on, but it didn’t work out too well! Haha guess that happens when half the game is missing! Lauren and I ventured out to find Phase 10 since nana and papa like playing it, but our trip was unsuccessful! Although I did see “Santa” while we were there and even got a pic!

We had quite the Christmas! I couldn’t be too sad saying bye to grandparents as they headed back to OKC that evening, because I’d had so much fun just getting to spend time with them! My heart is oh so happy! Merry Merry Christmas and to all a good night!